Life Hacks using Google Search

This week, just for fun, we’re sharing with you some fabulous life hacks you might never have considered that can be found in this article here .  The article claims they are LIFE CHANGING!  You know what, once you learn to search for something and find it useful, you...

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Order your Custom Christmas Card

Before you say it, we KNOW it’s October and some of you really don't like the C word in October. We mean Christmas, obviously. And yes, it's the tenth of October, to be precise. But before you know it, we’ll have had Halloween and bonfire night and we’ll be on that...

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Web Design With SEO in Mind

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term for actions that help improve search engine rankings. And we ALL want better rankings, right?  When you search keywords, Google displays webpages that it considers most relevant based on links to the websites. Previously,...

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